Monday, February 28, 2011

Hazel’s Art (and a bit of Charlie)

Hazel is our little artist.  She spends most of her free time at home drawing, sewing, glueing, painting, creating in some way or another.  Her art makes me smile.  It gives me a little window into her inner world. 

Here are some portraits she did of our family:

Charlie:IMG_3995 Our family (notice my nice trim pregnant figure).  IMG_3976Here are two of Hazel’s portraits of me.  The first portrays me with awesome eyelashes and a shirt that says love.  I’m glad she know I love her because the second one is a picture of me by the computer.  When I saw this it made me never want her to see me at the computer again.  I don’t want that to be the image that she has of me in her head…..I’d rather have her remember me with that ‘love’ t-shirt on.IMG_3988 IMG_3989 Another depiction of Charlie.  She’s really mastering that one!IMG_3994 Here’s Charlie’s picture of our house (don’t you love how he writes his name….mirror image they call it and say it’s normal for a lefty…..hope he gets it right sometime!)IMG_3978 Again, our family by Hazel:

IMG_3980 I love this one.  Something about the colors (Hazel loves doing anything in ‘rainbow’).
This is Charlie's (below).  One of his first pieces of art.  It makes me smile.   IMG_3984 

There's little else in motherhood that is as enjoyable to me as my kids art.  This is the stuff we have up in our master bedroom.  It is real art to me.  Something about seeing it up there on the wall behind our bed reminds me about the humanness of these little people we're raising.  They have ideas and emotions and thoughts and agendas and inspiration.   After a long day of negotiating them through our daily routines it's good to be reminded of who they really are.


  1. Hazel's pictures of Charlie are almost scary. They kind of look like him! Maybe she's going to be the next Mary Cassatt!

    Great to have these darling pieces immortalized!

  2. Wow, that girl has TALENT.
    Seriously Saydi, do you realize how extraordinary and exceptional that great Hazel is!
    I may have to start calling her Good Witch Hazel.
    (We just say wizzard of oz last night, by Andrew Lloyd Weber!)



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