Friday, April 16, 2010

out of the corner of your eye

I was in the middle of the frantic morning rush this morning, trying to actually respond to some emails and plan out my day when Charlie came in and demanded his ukulele. I was listening to some music and he wanted to put on a little rock concert. He kept asking me to watch him and I kept telling him that I had things to do.

After the 3rd attempt he said to me happily,"mom, just watch me out of the corner of your eye, ok?" and continued with his rock concert.

Those words settled in my cluttered brain and as I nodded and said I could see him out of the corner of my eye it hit me that I couldn't really see him, and I hadn't really given him my full attention for days and that I loved him more than ever and that he deserved more than the corner of my eye. So, with my eyes all welled up with tears I turned to him and said, Charlie, I want to watch you with my whole eyes. He was a little bewildered, which made the concert a little more somber than when I was watching him just out of the corners....but once he realized I was serious about the whole eye thing he got into it and I spent a whole three minutes watching his crazy moves and thinking about how much I love that little guy.

It was the best three minutes of my day.


  1. Oh man he is SO cute. And I love that story.

  2. I can't believe how much he has changed just in a couple of months! He looks so mature for his age...with that short hair! Gosh!

  3. what a guy. he and cam should really do some moves beginning in july. cam just mostly does arm pumps and pop and lock. did you hear elder oaks "8 in 10 americans believe that miracles still happen and 3 of those 10 have personally witnessed a miracle."



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