Tuesday, May 25, 2010

successful mother’s day

-1502 Lots of people, including my mom, were a bit worried about my mother’s day……I think maybe she was worried that I was expecting too much by lowering my expectations…..

however, my new strategy worked.  I focused all day on just loving what I love about motherhood.  Jeff did a fabulous job at taking care of all the peripheral stuff (read: cooking and cleaning and hustling kids to and fro) so that I could just enjoy.  It was beautiful.

Perhaps my greatest mother’s day gift was the fact that Emmeilne turned 18 months on that very day which means she can go into Nursery at church…..giving me two whole hours to just sit and be filled.  Oh joy. 

After church we moved the planned mother’s day picnic to the sun room (it was super windy outside) and enjoyed the fact that Emmeline slept through it.  The kids went round and round telling me what they loved about me.  I found that they mostly all just like that I make nice food…..that’s big, I guess. It was some of the best family time we’ve had in a long time.  Slow and easy and thick love all around.  I basked.-1033 When Emmeilne woke up we made our way over to the cemetery where Jeff gave us all rides on the back of his awesome motorcycle. -1034 -1036 We made our way up to our favorite lookout point and admired the spring green everywhere.  It makes me so happy that we have woods and a pinnacle nearby.  The kids picked me flowers all the way up. -1049 -1053 -1054 -1056 -1059 And Jeff even snapped some photos (sadly only with the iphone).  It’s nice to see myself with my kids.  Helps me remember that I really love this job.-1064

Motherhood.  It is the most exhilarating, exhausting, life changing challenge I could ever imagine.

I love it, and it’s nice to have a day where I can stop and realize that.


  1. it was so great to talk to you yesterday. i am happy to see the kids on the motorcycle. looks like fun.

  2. I'm so glad your idea came to fruition! Looks like a wonderful Mom's day. You deserved every bit of basking and adoration. Love you!

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  5. Somehow I missed this! Maybe you just posted it or maybe it came in when we didn't have service at Bear Lake but I LOVE your sentiments AND that you had such a splendid day!

    Sounds as though your expectations were exceeded, which is such a fun surprise.

    Love how you mother!

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