Monday, June 28, 2010

could they get any more perfect?

-5438I am drooling over these children as I edit this photo shoot.  Every single one is perfectly beautiful.  -5488-5532-5779 -5802 -5828 -5834 -5874 -5892 This little girl couldn’t get enough of the camera.  I didn’t have to pose her once, she was full of poses and expressions and just kept them coming.  -5906 -5915 -5920 -5940    -5583 -5624 -5630 -5634 -5648 -5655 -5706 -5738
Two more photo shoots to finish editing and then I’m on vacation!  Yipee!!  My kids will be quite excited.  Hazel informed me the other day that when she’s a mom she’s not going to do anything else but be a mom.  I think she’s a bit resentful of all these photo shoots and editing. 
I’m going to be really pretty strict with myself on not overbooking photo shoots for the fall, so If you’re interested in a fall session contact me now, my slots are booking up fast, and once they’re gone, they’re gone (per Hazel’s orders).


  1. What an adorable family! Luminous light! You help us see things that we wouldn't otherwise notice. Love it!

  2. Kristin Valle10:11 PM

    Soo beautiful, Saydi!!

  3. I heart the Busses! And you! Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures.

  4. Oh how fun to see Margaret and her gorgeous family in your pictures! Margaret, you look great! Saydi-beautiful photography!!



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