Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby Rohan and Big Brother Liam

Remember this session?  Well, this is the little gem that came out of that belly. 
Is he not breathtaking?  -6764It was so fun to capture him at 3 months, all smiley and engaged.  Check out that last photo shoot before little Rowan was born.  Isn’t it amazing to see the new kind of movement a second child brings to a family?  A little more chaos, a lot more fun.   -6972-7026-6768 -7207-2I love the progression in these images.  Dad and baby look ok with this first move by big brother Liam.  Then he pushes it a little too far.  This is why, in my opinion, second children are so awesome and easy going.  -7215-6898 -6963  -6976  Isn’t parenthood beautiful?-7160     -7281 -7282-2  Oh, how I love and miss that sleepy nursing gaze.    -7315 -7345 -7377 And of course I love it that he fell asleep.  Sleeping babies are beautiful.  -7386 -7398 -7409 This is his expression after his big brother startled him and woke him up.  -7415-2 -7477 -7495 -7509 -7623-7553 -7588 
I love photographing families.  Sure, the editing gets overwhelming at times, but as I edit the images and zoom in on faces, I am struck over and over by the power of human emotions and interactions.  It makes me want to get up off the computer and go snuggle up my own kids…..which I can now do for a whole month at Bear Lake. 

Thanks to this great family for letting me record you as you grow.  You are beautiful.


  1. Beautiful family, gorgeous photography!

  2. Okay Saydi. Your work really is breathtaking. Would you ever be willing to shoot our family some time when you are in Utah? Say no and I would completely understand. Vacations here should be for just that (and not work!) But I figured it couldn't hurt to ask!



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