Saturday, June 26, 2010

Drumlin Farms photo session

I promise we are doing more than just photo shoots around here….much more.  I just don’t have much energy to post all the bazillion things that are going through my life and my head.  Thankfully we head to Bear Lake in a week and I’ll be able to breath,and hopefully blog. 

For now, enjoy this beautiful family.  Seriously, could this family get any more beautiful?  -6111This little one was delighted to be at a farm, surrounded by animals and her parent’s attention.  -6019 -6664 -6607 -6068 -6075  -6138 -6191 -6197 -6224 -6303 -6467 -6475 -6485 -6510 I think these two last ones are some of my favorite pictures ever.  Look at that little personality, full of determination and delight!  -6539

And a quick promise to the grandparents….I am taking pictures of your darling grandchildren (mostly with my iphone) and will put them up soon……


  1. Sayds,
    WOW. These are super great. Such amazing LIGHT everywhere. I like the one of the dad and baby snuggling a lot. They are all so great. You are so so talented. Miss you guys. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Great stuff Saydi! I agree with Eva!



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