Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day to the best best dad


I love my dad because:

  • He came to the Rockland for my graduation, even though he missed a big meeting at work (Hazel).
  • He does really really really really silly stuff, like falls on the bed (Charlie)
  • He likes the all the foods that I like, like smoky cheese and spicy mustard and bacon and pepperoni and sausage (Hazel).
  • He really laughs at me when I do something funny like do the dead mans fall (Charlie)
  • He takes very good care of me, like he makes me good food that I like (Hazel).
  • He knows all how to fix stuff and that he taught me how to fix a lot.  I’ve been watching him fix his motorcycle a lot (Charlie).
  • He takes me to the store and lets me buy stuff with my own money (Hazel).
  • He does daddy school and teaches me really cool things, like about rockets (Charlie)
  • He loves me a lot.  I know because he tells me that and reads me the Tiger Rising and gives me compliments and punishments (Hazel).
  • He changes my diaper so it won’t be all hangy downy (Emmeline).
  • He teaches me about the body and how broken arms get fixed (Hazel).
  • He’s bald (Hazel and Charlie). 


I want to be just like my dad (Hazel and Charlie).

Happy Father’s Day!


  1. Totally agree with the kids, especially about the hangy downy diaper. Congrats on your dadhood Jeff!

  2. You are some smart kids to know what a fabulous dad you have already! And I have to say Hazel, you look mahvelous in that dress! Absolutely stunning.



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