Tuesday, June 15, 2010

rain rain, go away!

 -5293The weather gave us a little scare about 10 min into this session…..but this brave family stuck it out with me and the rain clouds gave way to some pretty sweet light.  -4784 -4787 Look at these beautiful children.  I love capturing who these little people are and what they’re into. Little Nell was totally into posing for pictures and charming me.  Jonas was totally into his bugs and construction vehicles. Both awesome for pictures.-4840 -4883 -4927 -4942 -4956 -5031 -5054  -5310 -5324 -5411


Thank you for holding tight through the rain.  I’m really glad we did.


  1. Thanks, Saydi. These look so great!

  2. Great stuff Saydi! You captured the light!



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