Thursday, June 10, 2010

more on family love

 -0826 -0982 I’ve learned that the best photo sessions are the ones where the family is just having a good time…..these guys showed up with so many great ideas and props.  It’s so fun to capture kids loving their parents undivided attention.  Maybe I need to book a photoshoot for my family just so my kids can have my undivided attention.  Jeff would LOOOOVE that (he’s not one for photoshoots).-0988 -0995 -1113 -1202  -1345 -1357 -1362 -1369 -1395



again, isn’t family love beautiful?


  1. You've captured this family's love so perfectly. The pictures made me smile. Beautiful indeed.

  2. beauties, Sayds. Good job.

  3. oh my goodness Saydi ! Your little Hazel is so adorable!! She has the cutest cheeks ever and i wish I was there to give her some big kisses. you have the cutest kids, i want Hazel to date my baby boy when they grow up. she is only 12 moths older. I love you and miss you so much. I hope to see you some day soon. all my love.

    Veronica Wood

  4. Man, somehow I missed these! They're gorgeous!



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