Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bear lake Bliss



That’s how I feel when I finally make it through the year and back to Bear lake. 

We got here a little over a week ago and, I have to say, it is pretty much heaven. 

We’re surrounded by cousins and sisters and brothers and nieces and nephews and parents and beauty and free time.

I don’t have a computer here (I have to borrow one).  I don’t have internet access where I’m staying (have to drive to it). 

I don’t have many pictures to edit (I’m trying my best to not take too many pictures and to save most of the editing for when I get home)

I do have time to read and talk and sleep and play and exercise. 

My kids have nearly unlimited unstructured time and space that they are busy filling with their cousins.  They’re forming strong bonds.  They’re watching older cousins.  They’re learning so much, and I’m not doing the teaching. 

There is a lot of chaos here, sometimes it gets a big overwhelming, but then I look around and am even more overwhelmed by love for all the little (and big) people who are creating it.

My goal for the month is to breath and enjoy. 

To take time to think and re-create.

To help carve my love into my kids hearts so they can’t forget it. 

To learn from my siblings and siblings-in-law.

To read Atlas Shrugged.

I want to sleep under the stars with Hazel.

I want to build a huge sand city with Charlie.

I want to talk with Emmeline (she says so much in her funny way if I take the time to stop and listen).

I want to be refreshed by the beauty around me.

I want to connect.  With myself, with my kids, with my family.

But first, since I’m here with internet and this borrowed computer I want to schedule a a bazillion drafts to post that I have in my draft box so that I can get onto all the enjoying I have planned.


  1. It sounds wonderful, Saydi! Have a great vacation with your totally deserve it.

  2. AHHHH! Me too! Even though it's wild chaos, there's just nothing like soaking in nature and our most beloved people all at once!



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