Sunday, July 11, 2010

Father’s Day 2010

I know it's a bit late, but I wanted to post these pictures of Father's Day.  Can't you just tell how much my kids love their dad?  They got so excited to celebrate  him on Father's Day.  We had a great little indoor picnic while Emmeline napped after church.  We went around and around in circles talking about what we love about Jeff.  I wish I would have recorded them, they were very sweet and thoughtful.  Next year.-8692
after our picnic lunch the jeff took a little nap next to his beloved fancy cheeses. -8696 -8704 
Jeff and the kids went to the school field down the street and launched the model rockets they had been building.  I love how Jeff fathers.  The kids think he knows everything (he kind of does) and are always eager for "daddy school" where they ask him all kinds of qustions about the world.  He's making them smart and curious nd I love it.  -8708 -8713 -8715 -8726 -8730 -8732 -8737

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  1. How fun! Wish we'd brought some of those fun rockets for Bear Lake. We are Jeff fans too. He is amazing!

    Thanks for all these great posts. I now feel "caught up" on what happened before you got here!



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