Thursday, September 02, 2010

8 years


Jeff and I made it to eight years!  I love it that I never ever have questioned that we would and am sure we’ll make it many many more.  What a beautiful thing.

Marriage is more than I ever expected it to be.  More work.  More progression.  More joy. 

I love being married to Jeff.  He makes it easy (most of the time).

This year we started what I hope will be a new tradition.  In stead of going out to eat the kids and I made a fancy dinner and set up the dinning room like it was a fancy restaurant (as fancy you can get with our banged up dining room table!).  Hazel made these awesome menus.  We put Emmeline to bed and Hazel and Charlie served us and entertained us.  It was beautifully romantic in a totally different way.  After dinner they put on some music and we all had a “romantic” dance.  I loved it that they were included this year.  That they got to see how much me and Jeff love each other. 

IMG_8658Afterwards we relived the glory days of courtship and our wedding by telling Hazel and Charlie all the details.  They were pretty into it.  We even watched our wedding video (which Hazel loved and Charlie tolerated).  

I like to think my kids got a little glimpse into how this family was created.  After-all, 8 years ago on August 23rd Jeff and I established our little Shumway Family.  And our anniversary is as much a celebration of that as anything else.

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