Thursday, September 02, 2010



that pretty much sums up the week for me.

I've had trouble being motivated to do anything and to feel anything but tired and annoyed and then guilty about being tired and annoyed. 

It's been 95 degrees all week.  Not having central air is really getting to me (to say the least).  I never thought I'd say this (I'm normally in love with summer) but I can't wait for fall, even winter.  I'm just craving staying inside, being cool (even cold), feeling productive and slowing down (not that I'm moving around too fast lately....but I do feel like I should be).  

I have 3 huge piles of clean laundry in my's too hot up there to get around to folding and putting away.   We've been eating a lot of Trader Joes frozen meals lately (too hot to cook).  I have a whole garden of goodness in the back, but I don't really feel like prepping or eating any of it.  

Hazel has been sick the past few days, so we haven't even been able to get to the beach to cool off.

I've been pretty mean to my kids (I've heard them say quite often this week:  "Mom, why are you being such a mean mom!")  Something about heat and being stuck indoors surrounded by piles of laundry isn't too good for any of us.  

Do you ever just feel like you're not really living, you're just kind of surviving?  That's how it's been this past week.

I don't even have anything too redeeming to fresh thoughts, no inspiration.  Sure, I could probably muster up some things that I should be grateful how adorable Emmeline is right now and how Hazel is bursting with excitement that she gets to start school next week and how Charlie has decided (and is bound and determined) that he's going to be the first man to set foot on Mars.

But mostly I just wanted to say that some weeks aren't so great.  And that's ok.  Things will get better.

(oh, and I'd like to point out how on top of my blog I am these you like how I still have that banner up from last spring?  i'm hoping on one of those better weeks that's bound to come I'll get around to updating things....blogging about all the fun we've had this summer etc.)


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only mom. I'm kind of done here. Grumpy, party of one? (Linn raises her hand. High.) I'm not sure life should be lived without central air. Because then I don't sleep well. And then helps us all.

    Hope the hurricane brings happiness to us all.

  2. Sayds,

    You are not the kind of person that is in blah. You are a LIGHT and a Mother Teresa for everyone. WE all miss you. I hope Hazel is better. Gotta come up and play next week. We can do a kids shoot at the beach!!!
    Let me know what works for you.
    LOVE YOU AMAZING SAYDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. "Surviving" - I totally get this. And "nothing redeeming to say." I am loving this post. Thanks for keeping it so real Saydi. I'm glad someone else had a blah week. Ugh. So sorry Hazel has been sick and it's been so hot! I keep thinking if we didn't have weeks like this, we couldn't appreciate the good ones.

    Trader Joe's would be a step up for us. The other night (as I ate chicken nuggets AGAIN) I thought - this is disgusting. I have GOT to get my act together! I think you're wonderful. You're on top of all the things that really matter. I love you and CAN'T wait to see you in October!

  4. happy spring to you too sis. you are fantastic and it is still pretty cold here so come on out. tell your kids we love them.

  5. I can so relate to you. This was my week last week too. Sick kids, no energy, laundry piled up high and so "blah". I get it! Let's hope that next week will bring "sunshine" but until then we can feel comforted that we are not alone on this roller coaster road of motherhood.

  6. Survival is a big part of Motherhood! So glad it's cooled off a bit. It's actually really truly cool here in Washington. Next week will be better. Hug those kids for us!



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