Thursday, September 02, 2010

everyday life

I loved that this family wanted to be photographed in their neighborhood.  (I'd want to be photographed in my neighborhood if it looked like this!).  But, even if your neighborhood isn't this picturesque, there is something to be said for capturing the familiar.  Documenting what your family does on the day to day.  This is life, right?  These are the streets and expressions and interactions they'll want to remember when these two (going on three) are away at college.  It's these moments that we tend to forget....we have pictures of the birthdays, the holidays, the big milestone events....but I am worried out of my mind that I'm going to forget what we did every day, what they sounded like, how they looked, what they smelled like.  That's what I want to be better at capturing for my own family.  
I love the energy these girls had and their drive to GET TO THE PARK!!!!  Photographing families with little kids is so validating for me.....seeing all the action as I edit the pictures makes me realize why it is that I'm so tired at the end of my days with my little ones.  They're full of energy and it's exhausting and exhilarating to keep up with them.

So go, take some pictures of your neighborhood, of your kids wresting with dad, of those messy faces.  Document what you do everyday.  I find that when I see a picture of the day to day stuff I can see it more clearly for what it is.  I see magic instead of mundane.....and that's what I want to remember. 


  1. Yea! I love that you take pictures of all my friends :) Its so fun to get to see them. Nice work!

  2. Gorgeous photos Saydi! What an eye for beauty...and how to make it even more beautiful!

  3. Beautiful, Saydi! It's so true. I was realizing the other day that I'm so glad I've gotten out my camera a few times at home on those cold, going nowhere days--I wish I had some of spring, summer, and fall, though!



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