Monday, August 16, 2010

faded glory

I love my mom.  One of the many countless reasons I love her is that she has a knack of thinking and saying and hearing and observing the funniest things.  And, the best part is that when she tells us her stories she laughs so hard that by the time she's finished we're all crying with laughter whether or not we understood her stories through her sobs.

Last spring we met up for a little sisters "work meeting" in Arizona.  My mom had stopped at Walmart to buy a cover up since she had forgotten hers.  She found one that looked like it would work but was quite perplexed that the brand was called "Faded Glory."  She didn't know that this was just one of the Walmart brands, and bought the thing thinking it was quite insulting that a brand that made clothing for middle aged women was called "Faded Glory."

Ok, that wasn't the funniest story ever, but man, she had us all in tears with laughter as she told it.

I love my mom.


  1. Thanks for not showing more of my "faded glory"! I love you too!

  2. i was laughing pretty hard when i read this, trying to keep it down cause my roommate is sleeping!

  3. That WAS a pretty darn funny story.

  4. You all are just so cute!

  5. That's so funny. There was just a thread about that in our homeschool moms Yahoo group... but more about how the 4th of July shirts had the flag on it and then "Faded Glory" under it... not so appropriate. :( But thinking about it applying to middle-aged women is just funny!

    I'm excited to see you at the New Hampshire Power of Moms retreat!

  6. That's a fantastic story!! And I like Jennifer's comment too--I'm laughing through the internet right now!



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