Monday, August 16, 2010

Hazel School

 -8812 Seriously, I’m going to miss this little girl when she goes to school in a few weeks.

It’s crazy that I was so anxious and upset that she couldn’t go to Kindergarten this past year (she missed the deadline by 10 days).  I don’t know how we would have survived without her around this last year.  Hazel and Charlie’s relationship has deepened so sweetly over the past year.  They are best of friends and Hazel has literally taught Charlie so much (some in “Hazel School.” lots just by being herself).  She’s a great example to him.  -8815 -8817 -1077 And, I’m so thankful that Hazel has been around for little Emmie.  She is so sweet to her baby sister….treats her like a great friend. She’s always laughing at her, reading to her, helping her do whatever she needs help with.  She’s like my third arm and Emmeline adores her.  She walks around the house calling “Hazel! Hazel!” 

So, I’m thankful in a thousand ways that things didn’t work out as I wanted them to.  I’m learning that things tend to work out for the best.  I’m thankful that someone up there sees a bigger picture and knows what our family needs in a much deeper way than I do.


After much deliberation we’ve decided to send Hazel to Kindergarten this fall.  Because we’ve been doing home school kindergarten with her this last year she could technically go to first grade.  We’ve grappled with this decision for the past 6 months.  There are so many compelling reasons for both of the options.  We’re sure Hazel would do fine academically in first grade, and we’ve worried that she’ll be a little board by kindergarten.  But in our hearts we just all feel good about sending her to kindergarten.  She’s got a lot to learn socially, she could use the extra confidence that comes from knowing a lot and we think she’ll be a great leader. 

Plus, I’m not so sure any of us will want her to go to College a year sooner.  I’m having a hard time just sending her two doors down to Kindergarten.  We’re going to miss that girl around here.


  1. hey sayds, it's bored, not boart, just fyi :)

  2. We love that Hazel. She be a star no matter what! One more correction: It's "HAZO, HAZO!"

  3. what a school girl
    that Hazie is remarkable!



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