Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 reset

For Christmas Jeff gave me the best gift I could imagine (I had actually been dreaming of it).  A day and a night and a morning away.   He got me a hotel room in Downtown Boston, a 80 min massage and manicure at the spa and a certificate to watch all the kids while I did whatever I wanted for over 24 hours.  I can’t think of anything better.  He also gave me a list of suggestions of things to do with my time.  I think he was a little surprised when I told him I didn’t want to do anything but get my massage and shut myself away alone in a hotel room for as long as possible.

It couldn’t have come at a better time.  Things have been so wonderful lately, but also so busy and hectic.  I feel like I’ve just been on auto pilot, not stopping much to think about what I’m doing or if it’s the right thing to be doing.   Just doing and going and doing some more.  I need some time to catch up on stuff like sleep and some power of moms writing and my blog (there are a bazillion things I need to document in our family history that I don’t want to let slip out of my memory).   But, I think, more than anything, I need some time to think and pray and figure out who I need to be right now, who my kids are right now, what they need, what Jeff needs, what I should be spending my time doing, what I need to focus on, what I need to get rid of.  I need to pull away from my life so that I can see what I’m missing.  I need to get away to build in some margins.

I need to push my reset button before the new year begins.

so, here goes. ready?  reset.

I’m hoping it works.

(thanks a million Jeff).


  1. Saydi, I love this: "get away to build in some margins" and "reset." I'm going to apply that NOW in my life. I need it, too! Have fun with 24 hours by yourself - dreamy. Good job, Jeff! xo

  2. Fine job, Jeff Shumway.

    Enjoy your time Saydi--you deserve it!

  3. LOVE it! There's nothing like a day away to put things in perspective. Hoorah for Jeff and Hooray for Saydi!

  4. Saydi - I hope your respite is everything you need it to be! You deserve every quiet second. And I loved your Christmas posts. The nutcracker Hazel gave Charlie, sharing a meal with members from your ward, "the messier the merrier" and the bust of a gift for Jeff. I was laughing SO hard! I can totally see something happening like that to us. We've had a couple bust years when it comes to gifts for each other. At first glance I thought it was some kind of redemptive part for the damage I did to your car!! Phew.

    And I'm so glad Hazel liked the typewriter. I had trouble finding one that seemed in good order. Like you - I saw Sarah's post and knew Eliza would LOVE it. Maybe next year. Looking forward to hearing your insights after your time away. Love you much!

  5. ive been out of town for a couple days in portland and i missed this. i like when you write. i am glad you had some time alone.



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