Tuesday, January 04, 2011

sweeping and Christmas money

This year for Christmas we decided that our kids should earn their own money to buy their presents.  I envisioned them making lists of what they wanted to buy for each person in the family and each friend, research the best price online (I wanted to keep them out of the stores for fear they'd want more for themselves and change their mind on what they wanted from Santa), make a budget and work to earn enough money to purchase their gifts.  We did all the planning early on.....but about half way through the season decided that they were getting set up for failure....they couldn't earn all that they needed.  So, we decided to offer to pay half of each gift.  They worked really hard and filled up their little Christmas jars.  We ended up buying more presents at the dollar store than I had hoped for.....but there was something awesome about seeing them make those purchases with their very own money. I think their gift giving meant so much more to them this year.....even if they didn't get all the high priced stuff they had initially planned on.  They were thrilled to give the stuff out on Christmas eve.   IMG_3975 IMG_4011
In an attempt to help them really work hard and clean (thus really helping me) I bought this little broom on amazon.  Isn't it adorable?  They really can sweep the floor now.  It's so great to watch your kids grow up into real helpers.  

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