Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 IMG_5029Right after Christmas our long awaited snow storm finally dumped on us.  What a perfect time to have a storm and be all suck inside.  We hauled out the snow clothes boxes from the basement and all bundled in anything we could find.  It was a bit too cold and windy to go anywhere to do proper sledding, but we all had a great time in the back yard.    IMG_5022  Charity even discovered a new way to sled just outside our back door. IMG_5041 Hazel was a little nervous at first but was bursting with smiles and pride after her brave little run.IMG_5043 IMG_5050 IMG_5036Charity and Hazel are truly kindred spirits.  They have both mastered this “I feel alive” pose.  I loved watching them both fall in love with each other.  Charity is exactly what little Hazel needs right now, someone who she thinks is awesome beyond words to totally adore her.  IMG_5054 Emmeline was a bit confused about the whole ordeal.  What is all this white stuff?  Why is it so cold?  What is happening to my cheeks?  IMG_5058 Don’t you love the close up of that snot? 

She finally did warm up to the snow once Jeff pulled her around on the sled a bit and threw her into some soft snow banks.IMG_5061 I love the way our house looks in the snow. IMG_5067I even love the way this crammed front entry looks.  Evidence that we’re really enjoying it all. IMG_5071


  1. Brace yourself for more!!

  2. i missed this one too. snow is the WORST. we're going to hawaii.

  3. WOW! That is SNOW! Such fun pictures. How fun to see you all having so much fun! CA here we come!

  4. What a beautiful home you have! We live in North Carolina and it actually snowed for Christmas this year, but we were in Idaho, so obviously we had snow....all day...every day.



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