Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The typewriter I gave to Hazel still proves to be the best Christmas present of the year (close second is the racing wheel).  She takes it out nearly every day.  I love the sound of it….infinitely better than any other noise making toy we’ve had around here.  And she’s so much more into writing than she was before.  I love seeing how her little brain sounds out words.  Jeff’s a little worried that she inherited my spelling genes…..I’m reassuring him that (according to her kindergarten teacher) this “kid writing” is normal for all kids and a great way to reinforce sounds and build connections for reading and writing in her little brain. 

Here are a few samples of her writing.  IMG_5188She gave me this note before I left on my 24 hours of bliss away from the kids and the house and my life.   IMG_5185

translation:  Dear Mommy, I love the computer (what she called the typewriter at first).  I am writing this on the computer.  I willl love it.  I will give you a big present.  I love you and I wish you a ….you get the rest. 

She wrote everyone in the family various thank you notes for the gifts she received at Christmas. 

Definitely the best money I never spent on a present.  Hopefully the allure of it lasts.


  1. Such a fun idea but only Hazel could make it sing! Love that little girl!

  2. I gotta get us one of those!



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