Tuesday, March 29, 2011

0 years old

IMG_0320Since the birth center got us right out the door (about 10 hours after peter was born) we came home and had a birthday party for the little guy.  It wasn’t officially still his birthday, but who cares about that technicality when there is cake to make and decorate and be eaten!? 
Grammie made us an awesome dinner and the kids all helped make and decorate the cake (Hazel decided to put peanuts and grapes on it because that would make it more healthy for me….and she knows I like healthy.)  Peter unwrapped some birthday presents from his grandparents (see the awesome quilt below from handmade from grandma Shumway….wish I had taken a picture of the whole thing, it is amazing…..so cool that Charlie has decided that he needs to take care of it and protect it until Peter is big enough for it).  IMG_9130IMG_0323
We sang Happy Birthday various times with various names since we hadn’t decided on a name yet.  We sang to Peter and James and Henry and George. 

not sure why it’s sideways…..still worth the quick watch. this totally typifies emmeline’s exuberance since this baby was born.

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  1. How fun to relive this! LOVE IT! Those memories are already treasures! I can't quit telling people about it. But I'm afraid they just don't get it! You have to be there really appreciate what happened. FUN!



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