Tuesday, March 29, 2011

emmeline + peter


don’t you love Emmeline’s hair and outfit? this is what happens when mom sleeps until 10 every day.

I think this little girl is pretty psyched about her little brother.  She’s one we really have to watch, as she’s quite inappropriate in her affection most of the time…..jamming binkies and chocolate and water bottles into his little mouth (all in the name of love and helpfulness).   She doesn’t seem one bit jealous (so far, but that will all change once it’s just me and the four kids and she’s not getting all kinds of grammie, grandma and daddy attention). 


She spends a lot of time looking at him…..in the exact same position Charlie used to watch Emmeline as a baby (see here). 

I hope hope hope these guys will be dear friends like Charlie and Hazel. 

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