Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Duck Walk

IMG_3099Every year the Rockland Montessori School holds their annual “Duck Walk.”  It is the most adorable “field trip” you could ever imagine.  Yellow balloons, handmade duck visors, bubbles, lemonade and cheese puffs (not sure how those got included, but my kids LOVE them), green hills to hike up and roll down, a pond and of course, ducks.  IMG_3101

The children all walk over from their school, waddling and singing duck songs.  They sit by class on colorful blankets that have been laid out.  They eat a little picnic snack and then they scatter.  Up the hills, towards the pond.  Yellow balloons and children everywhere.  IMG_3135IMG_3163Ms. Wishowski takes the adventurous “up the mountain.”  I love that lady.  IMG_3150This year Hazel begged to skip school and come.  She really misses the Rockland.  I don’t blame her.  She felt so loved and enjoyed there.  She lights up whenever she sees her old teacher, Ms. Simopolous.  She’s begged all year to go to Kindergarten there.  Not that she’s had a bad time at her big public Kindergarten….but really, nothing can beat the Rockland.  IMG_3167IMG_3127


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  1. Don't know how I missed this post! SO cute! We'll have lots to talk about when you get here!



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