Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Easter Blessing

On Easter Sunday we blessed little Peter James Eyre Shumway. (In our church this is a special baby blessing, a little like a christening, usually given by the father.  The baby is given their name and then blessed with beautiful things to start off their life.)  It was a beautiful way to spend Easter. IMG_1498

We dressed Peter in the same little white outfit that Charlie and a bunch of his cousins were blessed in.  Despite a huge flare up of baby acne he looked angelic.   IMG_1494

IMG_1519Uncle John and Uncle Tal came into town to participate in the blessing.  It was so great to have them representing each side of the family.   Especially because, in trying to come up with a name for this little guy I really wanted to somehow name him after all his uncles (he has such fabulous uncles and I want so much for him to look up to them and emulate them).  John’s middle name is Peter and James, well, it carries letters that are at least in each of my five brothers names somewhere……it’s the best we could do after Jeff vetoed Jamajano’osh (a lovely combination of all my brothers names) as a middle name.  IMG_1458Above we have Peter James and John. :)IMG_1453

IMG_1442Here’s the best I could do for an Easter picture of all four kids.  Getting us all gussied up and timing Peter’s feedings, naps, burps, toots so that he’d look presentable and not scream through the blessing was quite a feat.  Not much time for pictures. 

IMG_1503We felt so supported by so many friends and neighbors who came to witness the blessing.  The circle was huge, full of men whom Jeff and I love and look up to.  We wished more family could have been there, but they were there in spirit….I could feel it. IMG_1507IMG_1522IMG_1534IMG_1540Peter did great during the blessing.  He was fully awake but didn’t make a peep.  And, he waited to have his HUGE yellow blow out all over those pristine white clothes until 5 minutes after the blessing.  Bless his little heart. IMG_1480Early that morning Jeff had asked me what I’d like Peter to be blessed with.  Because I was so sleep deprived and the morning was so packed with Easter baskets, brunch, egg hunting and getting ready, I didn’t really have time or energy to respond.  Once we were all safety seated in the pew and Jeff started the blessing I was flooded with thoughts of all the things I’d like this dear child to be blessed with.  I felt a tinge of sadness as I regretted not carving out more time to sit and ponder and discuss with Jeff.  Certainly that was more important than getting the hollandaise sauce right for our Easter Brunch.  But, the spirit came to my rescue.  Peace flooded into my soul as Jeff pronounced one of the most beautiful blessings I’ve ever heard.  Peter was blessed with all I was hoping for him and much more. 

Among other things, he was blessed with mental, physical and emotional capabilities to fulfill his purpose in life, joy in serving others, friends who will be examples of christlike behavior, to be aware of the love of his family and gain strength from that love, a keen mind, strong relationships with his cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents, a love of his heritage and a kinship with his namesakes, empathy and a special relationship with his mother (my favorite).  IMG_1484

Baby blessings are beautiful things….they always give me a little glimpse into who this old soul squashed into a tiny body is and who he can become.


  1. SO beautiful Sayds. I adore you adn that sweet baby boy!
    Love, Shawni

  2. Thanks for the blog, especially all the great pictures. I think the one of the 4 kids is great! Emmeline looks so pretty and grown up.

  3. Darn that we couldn't be there! We miss being so close to you guys and are very grateful for the tender recap and gorgeous photos.

  4. Saydi - this is such a beautiful post. I love the photo of your sweet friend (I can't recall her name) - that we met when we stayed with you. And the story about Peter's blessing. What evidence that God knows our hearts, our thoughts, and our unspoken desires. You look radiant. Love you!

  5. What a fabulous post! That little boy is changing daily and it was so good to see him "in action" on his blessings day! So glad that Joyce was there to represent the grandparents! Tell her that okay?

    Kiss that boy for me...and keep working on that cradle cap!

  6. I think that outfit CAUSES baby acne, because the same thing happened to Camden when he wore it.

    Love this post. Wish we could have been there!



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