Wednesday, July 06, 2011

peter. overkill.


Finally I got the real camera out to capture Peter on camera.  Poor little forth child…..

I know there are WAY too many pictures for one blog post here. But, I can’t stand how much I love this little guy right now. I want to freeze every little expression and detail of him forever. I know I won’t get around to making a baby book for him for years and years, so, I’m posting them all here.  Scroll through quickly. You’ll get a sense for his killer personality.  He is a calm, happy soul.   He makes us all really really happy.  IMG_5299IMG_5331IMG_5336IMG_5389IMG_5392IMG_5396IMG_5412IMG_5424


I love how he has discovered his hands.   He’s always been a hand sucker (my first baby not to take a binkie) but just in the past few weeks he’s really gotten into them…..staring at them, trying to use them, sucking on them, grabbing things. IMG_5455 


What was our family like without this guy?  He is delightful. 

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  1. Fabulous Fotos Saydi! I'd die for a photo collage like this for each of our babies! Unfortunately we can't go back. You (and he) will love seeing these as he grows!



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