Sunday, July 03, 2011


IMG_0619It’s finally here and we’ve made it to Bear Lake.  But before I get onto how wonderful it is here I need to catch up on some of the happenings of early summer.   Summer took it’s time coming to Boston this year.  It was wet and rainy for a long time.   But we sure did soak in the good weather when it came our way.  We’ve been swimming at the local pool and at Breakheart.  We’ve gone to the beach (too hard to take my camera these days with Peter and all the stuff I have to bring for everyone).  One day I’ll be one of those older ladies at the beach sitting with my chair and my cooler and my music and my book.  But, for now it’s iPhone pictures and a whole load of sand toys and snacks.   I know I’ll miss these days one day so I’m trying to soak them in. IMG_0620We also had our traditional trip to the Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl.  This year between the Kruckenbergs and the Shumways we ate 88 cups of Ice Cream. We were trying to beat our record from last year.  Our empty cups towered up so high that they were taller than little Peter.  We decided that we need to set a goal to surpass his height each year.  Hopefully he doesn’t get to tall, and when he does that he really likes ice cream and can help us out. photo(2)

Hazel was bound and determined to eat 20 cups on her own. I think she made it to 16 before deciding that her stomach really couldn’t handle any more.   The weather was perfect.  The ice cream was delicious.  And I think we’ll be ok not eating it for quite a while.IMG_0709IMG_0714

I love summer.  I remember my mom always being so excited for summer. To have us to herself, to not be tied to a schedule. Until this year I didn’t really get that.  Having Hazel and Charlie out of school has felt so free. They’re mine.  Time is mine.  We can move slower. I love it, and so do the kids.  I’m sure by the end of August we’ll be happy to have some structure again, but for now we’re eating up the freedom. 


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