Thursday, September 29, 2011

freedom trail part 3

IMG_1036We did part 3 of the Freedom Trail with some good friends.  It was a hot day, but we didn’t have too much to see.  I made up another scavenger hunt and we used this guide a bit to give us some interesting facts and things to talk about and look for.  It cracked me up how into the hunt they were (especially the challenge I gave them to find the letters in their name in architectural details).  They were so into it that I’m not sure how much history they actually soaked in. 

We had a great day though.  Started by walking through Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market.  We took a peak into the big meeting hall, walked down cobble stone and saw the cricket weather vain up top.  IMG_1032We walked through the bricked streets of the North End to Paul Revere’s house.  Did you know that Paul Revere had 16 children?  Did you know that his house is the oldest house still standing in Boston?  And that in addition to a messenger and silver smith he was a dentist who wired false teeth in for people made out of hippopotamus teeth?  I love the things you learn with your kids.  IMG_1034IMG_1040We sat in the pews of the Old North Church and admired the steeple where the famous lanterns were hung.  IMG_1041And then we ate some Pizza and found some spray fountains.  I love this picture above, all shoes and clothing ditched to run gleefully in the fountain.  I wish you could see the way the fountain sprayed and the kids moved.  Heidi said it was like a dance.  Great way to end the day. IMG_1046

I just had to put this picture of Emmeline here at the end. Such a trooper, not understanding much of what’s going on, but still up for being dragged along with out (too much) complaining. 

Part four (Charlestown, Bunker Hill and the USS constitution) may have to wait for a while.  Maybe as a celebration once we finish Jonny Tremain (it’s taking us an awfully long time to get through that book!)

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  1. Love doing this with kids! I remembered some of those details at Paul Revere's house from the last time we went with kids but I think you were gone by then. Such FUN!



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