Monday, September 12, 2011

kindergarten boys

Wowzers, time flies.  baby_boys.  It seems like it was just a blink and these boys went from little babies to kindergarten buddies. 



I love it that Charlie has a friend that he ‘knew’ in utero. I love it that these boys are like brothers.  I love it that they’re in the same kindergarten class (not sure if their teacher loves it….but I think they behave most of the time). photo-1-2Here they are just as they were headed down those stairs and into kindergarten on that rainy first day of school.  There’s just nothing like having a buddy to do scary things with.  IMG_0762And here they are as they came out.  All grown up after just one day. IMG_0768IMG_0770there’s still a long road of adventures ahead for these two.  IMG_0773

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  1. SOOO cure! How great to have such a dear friend forever!



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