Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Loves Sticks: First Day of School 2011

IMG_0758My oh my.  I can’t believe my two big kids headed off to school together today.  I have all kinds of emotions whizzing around in my heart: Elated that I have some time to get some things done, saddened that it isn’t Emmeline and Peter going instead so I could really get some things done, nostalgic that my two little babies are both now in school, it really does seem like just a blink ago that they were this age:5-30-06 Deck pictures #4 048

And now here we are.  Kindergarten and first grade.  I’m asking myself all kinds of questions this morning.  Are they at the right school?  Are they’re teachers good?  Will they be ok after missing the first week for a family wedding?  Will they fit in?  Will they remember what we talked about last night….to be nice, to behave, to fill up their brains with good stuff?  Will they be leaders for the right? Will they be good friends and look out for others?  Will they follow Christ example and listen to the still voice of the spirit when they need help and guidance?

Mostly, have we pressed enough love into their little hearts?  Will they head into those school doors feeling secure about who they are and how much they are loved by me and Jeff and God?   Ultimately I think that’s what will count. 

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to prepare them for school by loving them up.   I’ve been trying to hold them and hug them and look deep past their eyes to their souls.  I’ve been trying to take a minute to watch them at night while they sleep.  To press kisses hard onto their cheeks.  To let go of some of the not so nice behavior.  I want them to go off into the world with their little hearts blazing with my mother love.  Love is what sticks. 

Last night we put Peter and Emmeline to bed and had a special big kid Family Home Evening.  We talked about what their goals are for school:  To fill up your brain with good stuff, to learn to be a good friend and to learn to be part of a group/team.  I think they got it, although when we asked Charlie to sum up the lesson he said in his sweetest voice: “I’m going to kindergarten to fill up my brain with kindness.”   I guess that works. 

Jeff also gave them each a powerful father’s blessing.  He blessed them each so uniquely.  It helped me to remember that they are children of a heavenly Father who knows and loves them.  His love is strong, and they will feel that blazing right next to mine.

Before bed we read two books (last year we did the same thing for Hazel’s first day).  The Kissing Hand and You Are Special.  Both book are such powerful reminders of who they are and who loves them.

And then, we ended the night in our typical fashion…..frustrated and tired and lots of “I’ve had enoughs!” and “Go to bed!”   I guess everything can’t be perfect all the time.  Hopefully the love is heavier and sticker than the frustration.  I think it is.


After dropping Charlie off Jeff and Emmeline and Peter and I went to the school cafeteria for a “Boo Hoo Breakfast” to meet some other kindergarten parents.  They gave us a little poem and a tea bag and a note that instructed us to go home and have a cup of hot tea and put our feet up and relax.   Yeah right….I wish!  Instead I’m home how with a mountain load of things to tie up from our trip, pictures to edit, emails to respond to, bills to be paid and two little ones to care for.  I did put Peter right down for a nap and stop with Emmeline to eat some of the left over waffles from this mornings breakfast rush.  As we were eating she said, “Look mom!  It’s just me and you and the food!”   It will be good to have some down time with this little one, hopefully we can navigate a little better through her terrible twos with just us and the food.


  1. Oh Sayds, they look SO cute! I'm sure their brains are getting filled with good stuff that will fit right alongside all that love. I need to read You are Special with my kids again. I love that book!

  2. Just me and you and the food. That's every kid's dream. Love it.

  3. Hazel and Brooke pretty much wore the same outfit for the first day of school. It was so fun to see you guys at Hedy's.



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