Sunday, October 02, 2011

2nd generation friends.

IMG_0894Every year my best friend from forever ago (since we were three actually) Amy comes up with her girls to the lake.  She lives in London and we overlap in Utah for just a few days each year so we totally take advantage of them.  She is like a 10th child in our family and has just about as many Bear Lake memories as we do.

These are some pretty sweet days.  Her girls are all three angels, seriously.  In their British accents, unprompted, they say things like “Saydi, thank you for this lovely dinner.”   They are kind to each other and just melt into the mix of kids.  I love them almost as much as I love my own kids.  And they all have such different sparks of Amy in them that they bring me back to my childhood days with her.  Ahh, it’s heaven. IMG_0857Charlie has a crush on Mila, her youngest (the one on the end here).  She walks around protesting that “Charlie bit her finger” in her perfect accent which perplexes Charlie a bit even though he has seen the YouTube video.   We’re already planning their wedding.  (She doesn’t look to happy about him below).IMG_0978IMG_3807These kids got along so beautifully.  They were all (despite the age span) engaged in some pretend play for a good solid 4 hour chunk.  No one asked us for anything they were all so busy doing who knows what.  I love it when that kind of kid magic happens. IMG_0861

I love friendships that extend through the next generation.  I just wish they didn’t live so darn far away.

I wish  I had snapped a picture of me and Amy.  I guess you can see enough of us in our children.



  1. that is so cool saydi. it does remind me of amy and you when i see these photos.

  2. What precious pictures!

  3. Love all that wispy golden hair.

    Isn't enduring friendship a gift?

  4. So fun! So carefree! Treasures!

  5. Amy's girls are SO beautiful! And those photos with the dark clouds set behind all that pastel and those happy faces? Beautiful. I was hoping for a glimpse of you and Amy together. You're so lucky to have each other. Next year?




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