Thursday, October 06, 2011

drinking in the present.

I've had these pictures in my draft box for months.  They were taken on a downpour day last summer.  The kids couldn't help from running out into the sheets of warm water pouring down.  I don't blame them.  I love the rain, and I want them to love it too. 

I haven't posted them mostly because I haven't had time, but also because I haven't been able to come up with the appropriate thing to write about the magic that happens when kids drag you into the present.



Today my friend Catherine put into words exactly what I'd write with these pictures if I had her writing talent.  That girl sure knows how to capture life with words.  Reading her blog is like coming up for air, somehow she puts everything into perspective.  Her writing is real and beautiful and makes you think and feel and usually cry.  She is one of my guiding lights through motherhood.

So look through these pictures.  I know a lot of them are blurry, I meant to do that.  I love the motion it captures.  I love being drawn into the face of the one child that is in focus.  I love the sheer determination to drink in the present on my kids faces.

Then, click through to Catherine's post to read some beautiful commentary about living in the present.    


Here's a little part of what Catherine says:

The living moment is the most breathing, captivating, fleeting thing. It is magic. Emerson said we are always getting ready to live, but never living. Is he right?

Too often I choose blinders without thinking and like the work-horse, I am bent to the plow, the laundry basket, the floor, the sink. Sometimes I am too bent on getting us ready to live that I brush right past the living.
Go read the rest here. You'll love it.


  1. Oh Saydi, these pictures are so wonderful! I love the blurred ones with each of your children sequentially brought into focus. (How did you do that?) It does draw you in - just like they do. To the present. I hadn't thought of it quite that way. That they are the catalyst - the means to helping you step away, break away, live. Aren't we so grateful to be mothers? You are a larger guiding force (and light) in my life than you could possibly know. I love you.

  2. i have a favor. i'm wondering if you could email me your recipe for "toad in the hole". i think i saw that you cooked that for father's day and i thought it might be a fun for some friends we have coming this weekend? do you think it will work for a larger crowd? (i make yorkshire pudding often, just without toads.) if you have a minute could you email me the recipe. sorry to ask, i know life is busy! my email is either way, THANKS. (love your blog. learned to be a mom by reading your mom's books!)

  3. nevermind... i found the recipe!



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