Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I blame the chili

IMG_0858They say that introducing solids is a baby’s first step towards weaning.  What, weaning?  Can’t be.  I want him to stay just as he is.  My baby.

Thankfully, Peter has been quite reluctant to eat from anything besides my “ba bas” (as they're known around here).

I’ve been trying to feed him solids, just because I feel it’s the good mom thing to do, but he wants none of it. We had a big ceremonial “first meal’ with the big kids on Peter’s 6 month birthday.  We tried feeding him some apple sauce and avocado and boy did we all get a hoot watching his whole body shutter in disgust.  Since then I’ve tried tons of different things.  He puckers up his face at any flavor, sweet, salty, mild, strong, sour, hot, cold.  He just hasn’t been too into food.  The only thing he hasn’t clamped his lips tight against has been a bit of chicken noodle soup broth and some chocolate cake (oh yeah, and the ice cream). 


While I’m starving all the time and run down trying to keep this little parasite nourished, I love nursing him.  And, I love his clean face and clothes and hands.  And I love his soft milky skin and sweet smelling poop.  And I love that I don’t have to clean up and under a high chair. 

But everything changed when I made chili the other night.  Now, mind you, this was not some mild vegetarian chili.  It was full spiced chili with leftover burnt ends BBQ from our Blue Ribbon BBQ date night.  I’d tried him on avocado (again) as we sat the dinner table and he shuttered.  Then I tried him on a squished chili bean.  His eyes lit right up and he started lunging for my spoon.  And that was it.  Now he’s going for everything.

Jeff was beaming as he watched his little carnivore devour his chili. ‘That’s my boy!’

I was teary as I watched him, suddenly all big, lunging for the spoon.  Gobbling at life. 

Here we go Peter.  You’re growing up. 


  1. Awww...what a sweet heart :) I love seeing your updates- my son is 8 months old :) He HATES spoons. Everything has to be from my fingers, and it has to be chunky, haha.

  2. Wow, he really does look disgusted! It's so cute though!

  3. I love it!

    Even young babies really do like strong tastes don't they - no wonder they turn their nose up at bland porridge and purees.

    Would love for you to link this up at the Friday Baby Shower link party. We're focused on weaning this week and great old posts are very welcome Alice x



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