Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Final Walk Through the Woods.

I took a lot of pictures of our last few days in England.  I started to feel a bit frantic that we were going to forget a lot of our every day stuff.  There was so much beauty in our normal days there, but it was easy to miss splotched with so many crazy days.  IMG_0004

It felt a little therapeutic to take a few breaks from madly cleaning and packing up to soak in our life there, to think about our ordinary days there. On our last Sunday we took a family walk into Knighton Wood just down the street from our house.  I love admiring the beautiful English gardens and charming little houses on our walk to the woods.  The flowers and foliage is all so perfect.IMG_0002IMG_0006On this walk the kids always pick up sticks and little flowers.  Hazel is forever making bouquets and daisy crowns.  She is a lover of beauty.  Charlie is forever making weapons with all sizes of sticks. IMG_9954IMG_9945Blurry picture, I know.  But I love how Hazel and Charlie so often grab each other’s hands and run off in cahoots.  And I feel for little Emmeline running in their wake, trying to be big and catch up.  It reminds me of chasing after Saren and Shawni as a kids, wanting so much to be bigger and included.  Poor little Em.  Happy little Hazel and Charlie.  IMG_9949IMG_9952Our favorite climbing tree.  IMG_9957I couldn’t resist posting this blurry picture of Em.  This is one of her prize expressions.IMG_9961IMG_9963IMG_9965I love the light in the woods. IMG_9967IMG_9975IMG_9976  I’m so happy I got these pictures of my running route. I ran by this pond so often, in the muddy mornings, processing our big adventure and what we were to make of it all.  IMG_9979I love the wide openness of the woods.  The unstructured space and time we spent there.  All that green wonder to soak in.  It makes me sad that we didn’t do it more often. IMG_9981IMG_9988IMG_9990I love Peter pointing from his stroller.  He’s so quickly growing out of that “content to sit and point” stage.  Mostly he wants to point and then go and explore now.  IMG_9997IMG_9998IMG_0011IMG_0009

We will miss the beauty of our ordinary days on Knighton Drive.

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