Thursday, July 19, 2012

our perfect car


I don’t mean to dwell on our whole car saga too much, but I just want to document that we did have some good car luck during our six months in England.  This trusty rental van took us all the way to Scotland and back without any trouble at all. Sure, it was huge and a little hard to drive on roads designed with a tiny horse and cart in mind, but we could throw all of our luggage in the back AND our huge double stroller WITHOUT folding it up.  Which was really pretty convenient.  And the kids dug it.

Of the five cars we drove while in the UK it was the only one that didn’t break down in one way or another.  So I dug it too. 

I was also pretty relieved to drop it off at the rental car lot without any scratches, nicks, dents or mechanical problems.  Here the kids are celebrating for me.  I walked all the way home that day happy as could be to be walking on my own two legs with no transmission to go out or mirrors to crash into parked cars. 

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