Saturday, July 07, 2012

Scotland day 4 –Trossachs National Park

On our fourth day we headed out in search of some lochs.  And just before we made a pit stop in a beautiful little village called Callander Charlie lost his first tooth!  He was as pleased as punch about this little fact.  We stopped to take some pictures and have a little picnic. IMG_0871IMG_0874We found a funny little school yard to stop to eat our lunch.  We’re not sure what these little structures were, but their school values were etched into the wood which made for a great lunch time conversation.  IMG_0876IMG_0877After lunch we walked through the village and stopped for souvenirs and sweets (two things that my kids are OBSESSED with ever since we touched down in the UK).  IMG_0880IMG_0882I think this is one of my favorite pictures of Emmeline ever.  I need to make a collage of her poses. She’s always so ready to strike one up.IMG_0886This is a view of Callander from a little castle mound in the center of town. IMG_0887IMG_0892I had to stop to take pictures of these flowers nestled into the rock wall….IMG_0893IMG_0895and of this little sassy girl…..don’t let that look fool you, she is really good as gold. IMG_0897Wouldn’t you like to stay there?IMG_0898After our little jaunt through Callander we went to Loch Lubnaig.  It’s one of the smaller Lochs in the Trossachs National Park that a friend recommended and it was beautiful.  We took a little walk through a muddy meadow trying to find a trail around the lake but we got a little lost.  We did find this awesome suspension bridge before we packed back in the car and drove closer to the lake so that we could all get our feet wet.IMG_0901The kids decided that they wanted to get more than their feet wet, and when Hazel asked, with a twinkle in her eye if she could go in I said absolutely.  I was wishing I had gone in, that would have been the sparky parent thing to do.  Instead I was stodgy and sat on the banks and cheered my happy kids on and took loads of pictures.  The light there was spectacular.  IMG_0911IMG_0916That image of Peter came straight out of the camera like that.  That’s what I call magical light. IMG_0917Peter had a great time wielding some power of the world by throwing rocks in and making big splashes.  I think he could have stayed there all day. IMG_0918IMG_0921IMG_0926IMG_0927IMG_0928IMG_0929IMG_0931Hazel worked up her courage to dunk all the way in.  It was COLD, but she insists that she has hot blood. IMG_0946IMG_0937IMG_0943Charlie went most of the way in too…crazy kids.  Oh, I wish I’d have gone in.  Doesn’t that look refreshing?  IMG_0947IMG_0953IMG_0959I can’t stand how much I like looking at Peter’s luscious locks.  IMG_0961IMG_0964IMG_0924Emmeline stripped down and went most of the way in too.   The only appropriate pictures I could post of her experience in the Loch are of her faces….she makes awesome faces, don’t you think? IMG_0965IMG_0968IMG_0950IMG_0975IMG_0969IMG_0977Here’s our attempt at a self-timer family picture.  We need to take lessons from Charity.  The problem is, by the time I think of taking a self-timer picture everyone is melting down, especially Jeff.IMG_0978IMG_0980There we go, that’s the best we’ve got.  Doesn’t Jeff look thrilled?  There were a lot of bugs eating us all alive, Charlie was twirling his underpants—maybe the picture wasn’t worth it.IMG_0982After the Trossachs we loaded up in our mega van and headed down, out of Scotland to Yorkshire where we were spending the night.  Again, it was a beautiful drive.  Though as we got further from Scotland and things got more and more populated it made me start longing for the sparse beauty of Scotland.  It is a place I am vowing to go back to one day.  Hopefully for a summer long stay in a little rock cottage up in the highlands. IMG_0987IMG_0992IMG_0993


  1. As I'm looking at your picture of Jeff and 2 kids on the suspension bridge, I can see on my desk the picture of Elder Shumway on the primitive suspension bridge in Polochic. Similar and different!
    Love you all, and love Emmeline's dress.

  2. I am swooning! The landscape, your kids, the light. Next I'm laughing out loud over the timer photos. Doug is about as thrilled as Jeff when I get to dinking around with the camera and telling people where to stand. Melt-down is standard. As for photo collections, I think you're going to need to make Hazel a book of all her "I love life!" shots. And all the glorious places she's thrown her arms wide. :) Love you Saydi



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