Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yorkshire–a walk on the moor

IMG_9684We stopped in York on our way home from Scotland.  Jeff’s aunt lives there with her family so they were due a visit.  we arrived at sunset and Cousin Suzie and Uncle David met us at our little cottage bed and breakfast to chat for a while and get reacquainted.  The next morning we headed out early to pack in a walk on the moor.  We had been listening to the Secret Garden audiobook as we drove so the kids were anxious to see where Dicken lived and roamed free.  We drove to the North York Moors National Park and got out to walk. Since I was little I’ve read and dreamed about the moors and I was so excited to actually be walking on them. It was drizzly and the grey sky and air made the green lush and stunning.  It was all that I had imagined and more.   IMG_0996As we walked we talked about what Dicken’s life might have been like out there on the moor. I explained to Hazel and Charlie how Dicken was probably wet most of the time, how he didn’t have rain gear, how he probably bathed once every few weeks in a tin tub.  How his chores were probably things like going to fetch the daily water, tending to and sheering the sheep, cleaning and drying meat. Charlie was especially excited about this lifestyle and said that he wished that instead of Disneyland (he actually did say that) he could go on a “Moor Experience” where you lived in a little cottage and didn’t have any rain gear and only had to take a bath once every few weeks.  I kind of agree with him.  I would love to try living like that with my kids for a week.  Is that weird?  I wouldn’t want it for more than a week, though a beautiful (and modern) little cottage on the moor for a summer sounds heavenly. IMG_9685IMG_9686I am sort of obsessed with ferns right now.  Isn’t that slow uncurling of all that detail and complexity beautiful?  My sister Shawni saw that and said it reminds her of how we are all unfolding, especially our kids.  Revealing their complexity and beauty and who they are leaf by leaf.  IMG_9687IMG_9688IMG_9689Hazel of course spent most of her time gathering flowers and making me perfect bouquets.  Have I written about that yet?  She told me that her dreamy day would be herself in a field full of flowers (daisies mostly so that she can make daisy chains) and a book.  I love that girl. IMG_9694IMG_9695Peter liked roaming free after being stuck in a car seat for so many hours. IMG_9697IMG_9698IMG_9700IMG_9721IMG_9722IMG_9724This is the gate we had to climb over to get onto the moor.  Charlie thought it was pretty awesome that he could figure it out and the cows couldn’t.  Smart boy.IMG_9725IMG_9706IMG_9707IMG_9708IMG_9709Isn't the lushness so soothing?IMG_9711IMG_9713Here’s our attempts at a self timer.  I need to take some lessons.  IMG_9718IMG_9719

I never saw a moor,
I never saw the sea;
Yet know I how the heather looks,
And what a wave must be.

- Emily Dickensen

I’m happy to have finally seen a moor. Now I just want to live on the moor for a summer (see that little house in the picture above?).  But, until then,  I hope can carry that peaceful sight in my mind. I hope on a chaotic day it will pop back into my head and I can feel the cool mist on my face and be calmed by all that green.


  1. wow wow wow wow wowzers

  2. It is SO beautiful. I have to say, one thought that has popped into my mind, especially throughout your Scotland posts, is that the British Isles sure remind me of my beloved Northwest here in the US. Here in Seattle there are definitely differences like the ginormous evergreens, but they are both so green & misty & wild. I love the Isabel Dahlhousie series by Alexander McCall Smith, and all his descriptions of Edinborough remind me of--the Pacific NW! (Except for, you know, that incredible old architecture. ;) )

  3. The Dickinson stanza, the lushness (as you said) - all of this is like traveling there for a few seconds. Make sme want to uproot my family and take off for some experience somewhere. Anywhere. Shake things up. I'm so glad you're sharing all your adventures with us. Love you!

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  5. Wow, what amazing photography! You should be a photographer! (grin)

    That lushness may just be in your future. You never know!



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