Thursday, October 11, 2012

Noah and Kristi and baby Bennett in London

Ok, I have about 10 more England posts to go before I feel like I’ve sort of documented that adventure.  Darn this living that just get’s in the way!  Bear with me.  Some day I’m going to just be posting current stuff!IMG_5638We were over the moon when Noah called me half way through our England adventure to say that he wanted to stop by and see us on his anniversary trip with Kristi to her mission land, Latvia.  I love these guys so much and was thrilled to see their little baby Bennett.IMG_5641A dear friend watched Peter all day so that I could go into London and meet them for the day.  Oh, that was a dreamy day.  I love being in London sans kids, let alone being with two of my very most favorite people.  IMG_5647IMG_5648We didn’t have much time since it took us a while to meet up at the train station, but we got to stop in Trafalgar Square, eat some yummy Pret stuff, take some pictures, soak in the ambiance while Kristi nursed and take a quick walk through the national gallery.  IMG_5653We saw this awesome lady doing a photoshoot, I had to take a picture.  That is high fashion. IMG_5658Noah and Kristi stopped through on their way home too and we had an entire day together in the city.  While the big kids were in school we took the little ones to the Tower of London.  I don’t think I’ve posted anything from the Tower of London on this blog. Maybe I have, we went there 5 or 6 times.  I really love that place.  A huge fortress right in the center of everything.  I love the museums inside, I love gawking at the crown jewels, watching the ravens, talking to the beef eaters, walking along the wall overlooking the beautiful tower bridge, taking the family tours, seeing all the armor and exhibits.  Even after visiting so many times there was stuff I’m sure I missed. I could have gone back over and over.  IMG_5829IMG_5832It was fun to be there with Noah and Kristi and actually take some pictures.  And I loved having more adults around to corral my kids.  And my kids LOVE these guys. IMG_5833IMG_5835IMG_5837IMG_5839IMG_5842After the Tower we walked around, down to St. Paul's.  Snapped this picture of an old double decker bus (I never got on one of the old ones, darn it!).  We walked across the Millennial bridge to the Tate.  I love that place.  Another place I could visit over and over again. IMG_5847IMG_5852IMG_5853I left Noah and Kristi and little Bennet at St. Paul's so I could dash home to get the kids from school.  Noah took some amazing shots of that structure.  I am in love with St. Paul's. IMG_5859IMG_5867IMG_5872IMG_5875IMG_5880IMG_5882IMG_5903IMG_5910IMG_5914IMG_5929IMG_5943IMG_5953IMG_5959

Oh how I love their little family.  Me and the kids were wishing that they had McKay and Lyla and Cubbie with them….but I’m sure they were content to travel with just this little gem.

More on our adventures with them to come.

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  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    OMG, that baby is so cute! He's got such a precious expressive face!!



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