Thursday, October 11, 2012

Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge

IMG_5968After their visit to St. Paul’s Noah and Kristi headed out to Woodford Green to meet up with me and the kids.  It was a glorious day, bright and beautiful and so we headed to Queen Elizabeth's Hunting lodge in Epping Forrest to have a picnic of Fish and Chips and Trifle (Noah's favorite).  It was a perfect, crystally kind of afternoon. 

And we took way too many pictures. IMG_6000IMG_6005IMG_6006IMG_6009IMG_6011IMG_6012Yes, I know.  Emmeline is a total ragamuffin, with her un-brushed hair always in her face.  But, boy do I love this girl.  She has pizazz! And she loves to take pictures.IMG_6014IMG_6017IMG_6026IMG_5993IMG_6078IMG_6082IMG_6083IMG_6087IMG_6089IMG_6091IMG_6092IMG_6094Hazel, like always, spent most of the afternoon picking flowers and climbing trees.  IMG_6076IMG_6130IMG_6132IMG_6138IMG_6033And Peter cuddled with me and charmed the socks off of everyone.IMG_6106IMG_5983IMG_5989IMG_6122And Charlie just did his usual super handsome thing. IMG_6123

It was so great for the kids to be with their Aunt and Uncle.  Noah and Kristi are the kind of people who are still super fun for the kids even though they have kids of their own (as opposed to me, who became really a drab aunt once my own kids started tiring me out).IMG_6124


What a perfect day.  I miss that lush green life.


  1. oh please please share where you got the gorgeous dresses for Emmeline and Hazel. Please please please and THANK YOU!

  2. Such beautiful pictures and family.



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