Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Snows in London!

IMG_9878Way back in June our dear friends the Snows came to visit us.  They stayed nearly a week, and it certainly wasn’t enough time.  It just made us so mad at them that they moved away from Boston.  I love old whole family friends.  And they don’t come much better than the snows.  IMG_9880While they were with us we took a tour through Parliament which was fantastic.  Even the kids did ok walking through the tour.  There was a lot of technical British political info/history, but who wouldn’t be engaged walking through grandeur like that.  They didn’t let us take pictures inside, but I know Danny snapped a few of me feeding Peter chocolate Hob Nobs to keep him quiet.  I need to get them from him some day.  IMG_9882IMG_9884IMG_9896P6011556P6011558Danny took this picture (above).  Isn’t it amazing?IMG_9898We spent a few days with them touring around London.  And they spent some time on their own too.  IMG_9938We went to St. Paul's where Danny broke the rules (of course) and snapped this picture of Becca and I on the sly in St. Paul's.  What we didn’t get pictures of was our awesome picnic that got rained out and moved into the middle of the big open floor in Tate Modern.  We asked permission to picnic there and they said yes, but I’m POSTIVE they had no idea what they were saying yes to.  It was noisy and messy and I know Danny and Jeff were exceedingly embarrassed. P5301449IMG_2558IMG_2562IMG_9943I love the friendships between our kids, grown deep through time.  These two knew each other as babies.  Oh, the adventures we’ve had with these guys.  IMG_9946

IMG_2587IMG_2591They also spent some time just living our life in Woodford Green with us.  We went to the hunting lodge, and into Knighton wood.  We walked down the foot path to the chip shop.  We sat in our kitchen and talked till the wee hours of the morning. We celebrated Peter’s (big Peter Snow) birthday.  It was a magical time.  We are so happy they came. P5311496P5311515IMG_2593IMG_2594

I love friends who are willing to come half way around the world to see you.  I love watching second generation friendships flourish.  I love friendships that don’t miss a beat, even if you haven’t seen each other in ages.  I love the snows. 

More to come on the Snow’s visit.  I’m so happy to say that I’m really nearly finished documenting England. I’m ready to move on and be the Boston Shumways again!

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