Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Snows Visit England: Audley End Estate

While the Snows were in England we took them to the Audley End House.  The Schwartz’s introduced us to this place and it it stunning, puts you right in the middle of a Jane Austen book.  We went there a few times, since it wasn’t far from where we lived and just fell in love.  It’s the perfect place for a lazy afternoon picnic.  I have more pictures from our first trip there with the Schwartz family, but let’s get back to the point….this post is about our time there with the Snows.  IMG_9998IMG_0170IMG_9963We didn’t do much but picnic and take a quick walk through the house.  It was a quiet lazy day, a perfect way to spend time with old friends. IMG_9952The kids ran and played while we ate sandwiches and crisps and napped and talked.  IMG_9951IMG_9974I’m pretty hopeful that Emmeline and Peter Snow planted the seeds of a life long romance that afternoon (will post many more pictures of this next). IMG_0044IMG_0013I spent time admiring the light and how it fell on these beautiful children’s faces.  IMG_0130IMG_0051Hazel did the usual: make flower crowns and bask in the romance of it all. IMG_0138IMG_0053

IMG_0062Oh, the light!IMG_0042IMG_0137Maybe a budding romance between these two too?  Kind of a large age gap, but that all tightens up after you pass 25, no?IMG_0072IMG_0076IMG_0078

IMG_0149IMG_0153IMG_0158IMG_0166IMG_0172IMG_0218After touring the house and taking way too many pictures on the grounds Jeff and Danny decided it was time to go home and take a nap (since this outing of laying on the grass in a relaxing setting) was so draining.  Becca and I shot down that plan pretty quickly and asserted our own plan of heading up to Cambridge.  It’s not every day that you’re right next door to Cambridge University.  Come on Danny. IMG_0221IMG_0230

Cambridge pictures coming next.

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