Thursday, October 25, 2012

straight out of Jane Austen: a match made at Audley End


We’re hoping one day we’ll be using these pictures at their real wedding.  These two were inseparable this day.  These are some of my favorite pictures ever.  They both just have so much personality!





I think this is when he proposed to her. 


And then they suddenly had a baby.



And got married.  We’ll have to work on the order here a little bit. 


And then, apparently Peter started playing too cool.  IMG_00293

Because Emmeline came up to me in tears saying, “Mom, Peter married me and then we had a baby and now he doesn’t want to be married anymore.” 

IMG_0031We may have to work a little bit on how this plays out in real life, make sure that last bit doesn’t happen that way.



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  1. i like. even if it doesnt work you can totally put her fiancee in the photos in place of peter. he will have to be doing those same poses though. love to you.



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