Thursday, October 25, 2012

Big Girl. Big City.

According to Ms. Emmeline, before we left for England she was a “baby” and after we got home she was a “big kid.”  She says things all the time like, “You know mom, before we went to England and I was a baby I said ………and now that I’m big I say ……”  England was a real life marker for her.  And she’s spot on in her assessment.  She is a changed little girl, especially now that we’ve settled into life here in Boston again.

Remember these Little Girl in the Big City pictures?  Well, here’s my Big Girl in the Big City.  These were taken a few weeks before we left England.  She walked around that city like she owned it.


She’s a changed person.  I’m pretty sure we can all say that we changed and grew up during our big England adventure.  Especially now that it’s in our past.  It’s a memory that I think gives us all strength, makes us all feel a little more grown up. 

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  1. Oh man we love this girl! She is reallly coming into herself so beautifully. What a fun kid to talk to!



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