Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day: The Power of Love

photo It’s been a crazy busy day around here.  Lots of candy and love and valentines and sugar cookies (and all the other loveliness that comes with sugar overloads).  We spent the afternoon delivering goodies and trying to do our traditional jumping valentines (we hide, doorbell ditch the valentine which is attached to a long line of dental floss and then, in theory at least, it jumps away as we tug it and the receiver tries to pick it up.  Complex, I know.  It’s something we did as kids in our family.  It never really works out like planned, but this year we got closer than ever to making it work, and it sure is fun trying to pull it off.  

The kids even set up a very romantic dinner for us, complete with menus and candlelight and entertainment from a chubby little cupid rolling around the living room on valentines balloons.  The house artist (Em) drew us some beautifully romantic art: pictures of Jeff and I floating around in hearts, holding hands.  The kids lit candles and put on music and we did a little slow dancing with Peter in the middle.  I tell you, romance at it’s highest.

I don’t have any pictures, but would like to leave you with this quote:

“Love is the only thing that will exit out the other side.   It will stand alone, vindicated.  It will finally and clearly be seen for the dominant, unbeatable, infinite, glorified force it has always been, just obscured for millennia by layers of fallen clutter.”

- Richard A. Swenson

Our children will be grown and gone before we know it.  All of the things we’re currently consumed by, the difficult questions, the bad phases, the tantrums the rebellions, our never ending lists of things we want to get done, they will all come and go.  What will stand in the end is how well we’ve loved.  I want to be able to watch my sleeping children at night assured they have felt the love that propelled me through the day. 

I want to love my husband well.  Love my friends well.  Love myself well.

Really, it’s all about love.


  1. Just Beautiful! Looks like an awesome Valentine's Day!

  2. Reminds me, yet again, how much I love your chapter! Wanted you to know a little package is on its way to you (our valentine included), but with the holiday Monday, they told me it wouldn't arrive until Tues. Sorry it didn't get there on Valentine's day! Always behind here... xoxo

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