Thursday, February 28, 2013

“I really do feel alive!”



We are in San Diego.  We came here for February break and it has been glorious.  Days full of sunshine and fresh air and sparkling seas, tide pools, exploration, sunsets, ocean breezes and family.  It really couldn’t get better in my book.  Especially in the dead of winter.

We were beginning to feel pretty dead back there in Boston.  The gray icy left over snow, chain link fences and vinyl siding that filled my eyes all day was getting a little old.  All these snow storms were invigorating and cozy at first, but they grew old.  So, we flew the coop. 

On our first day here we went to Point Loma to explore the tide pools and drink in the ocean air.  The kids were sliding down sand dunes and running free and little Emmeline came up to me, all rosy cheeked and full of sunshine and said, “Mom, I really do feel alive!” 

That was worth the whole trip.  In that simple little sentence Emmeline articulated what I always feel when I’m freed from the dead of winter.  You suddenly feel life in places that you forgot could ever be living.  It is glorious. 

We have all felt alive here. and we may even be ready to bare whatever nasty non-spring-like weather March and April in Boston throws our way.  IMG_4901

Thank you for bringing us back to life, San Diego Sunshine.

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