Monday, April 07, 2014

Peter growing up.

 peter growing up - 3-2

Time is whizzing by, and as it does, I’m finding it hard to carve out time to capture it here.  Bother.  I’m going to get better, I really am.  For family history sake.  And for my own sanity and happiness.

Because look what happens in three years:  this tiny little thing…..IMG_9669grows….IMG_5673 into this charmer …….IMG_5678and then to this little cutie….IMG_1940and then this little undie wearing toddler……IMG_2925and then into this big 3 year old kid of mine!  peter growing up - 3-3 This life is whizzing by, in a blur.  Of course I have a gazillion pictures (mostly dumb iphone ones) but I want them all collected into a place where I can pour some of myself into them.  Where I can remember stuff that a jumble of pictures on my hard drive wont recall.   So here we go blogging again….I hope. peter growing up - 3-6 Because I don’t want to let any of the beauty of our every day slip away into all the commotion of it.  So, in an attempt to grasp more of it, I write.  In an attempt to be more deliberate I write.  Writing helps me hold on, see clearly, step away, think, see the beauty of the load.     peter growing up - 3-8 I’ve been searching for beauty in my dreary Boston march world   (picture lots of vinyl siding, chain link fences and black crusted up snow banks).  And I’ve been finding it in two main places.  The sky.  And, in all the in-between every day stuff of children growing up and me and Jeff building a family.  It’s beauty that my iphone can’t capture.  It’s fleeting unless I sit in the moment and grasp it, plant it in my heart and somehow writing about it helps it grow roots, take hold. 

So we’re just going to see how this evolves.  It might not always hang together just right, and it might not come out always as intended (I intended this post to be more about Peter and less about me).  

So the one about peter will just come next (because I have a lot to say about Peter and the kids are going to walk in the door any moment and if I don’t click publish it just isn’t going to happen.)

Here we go.  Wish me luck.  I’m excited. 

peter growing up - 3


  1. I'm excited too! This winter was BRUTAL ... Thank heaven for joyful, healthy children and my better half. (It's ALL about who you get on the ride with, isn't it?) xoxo

  2. Has it really been that long since we had our bouncing babies on our knees at the motherhood retreat. Time does fly.

  3. If you write it, I will come. Love seeing your words here again. xoxo

  4. Me too! Love feeling your words, any day, any time. Love that Peter too! Can't believe how grown up he is becoming. Stop him!



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