Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Turning three – or not – mid-toddler crisis.

peter growing up - 3-22

Despite the fact that Peter turned three mid march, he INSISTS that he is still two.  He’s going through a mid toddler years crisis or something.  Of course the big kids find this endearing and ask him all the time how old he is and contradict him saying he’s still two, which of course makes him mad.  It’s a funny little family dynamic that I’m not sure when or how we’ll get out of. 

At first I thought his confusion was due to the fact that we celebrated his birthday early because Jeff and I were going to be lounging in the sun on the other side of the world on his actual day (more about that later),  When we left he told us that he wasn’t going to be three until we got back.  I think he was waiting for something magical to happen when we got back and when it didn’t he decided three wasn’t real and he’d just stay two forever.  I’m also pretty sure he things that being three means that he’ll be as big as his dad.  And he knows he’s not ready for that kind of coolness yet.  Real little mid-toddler crisis. 

Anyway, regardless of anything Peter says, he did turn three.  And we partied.

I love how much these big kids love our baby.  And I hate it that he’s not really a baby anymore. 

peter growing up 3   IMG_9604Sweet Hazel made this car cake for him.  She has become our expert cake maker.   He was pretty pleased with it.  And I was pretty pleased that I didn’t have to try to pretend that I’m good at making cute cakes.   IMG_9598peter growing up - 3-19I love this photo (below).  I know those faces in the back are pretty dark, but those expressions perfectly capture all the interest and love and support peter gets from those big kids behind him.   peter growing up - 3-20 peter growing up - 3-21Here are some of the millions of little things we’re all loving about Peter right now:  

  • this kid is happy.  He’s enthusiastically happy, almost giddy about everything he does.  And if he’s not happy about it, you can easily come up with a way to convince him that he is.  And he buys it.  I know, from experience, that that doesn't last.  So I'm eating it up.
  •   Peter is tender hearted and he wants to do what is right.  All it takes is a little look of sincere disapproval of something he has done to make him immediately penitent.  He hangs his head in shame and tears up, waiting for one of us to swoop him up and tell him it’s ok, that we love him and know he didn’t try to do anything wrong.  He really doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body.  He wants to make us all happy.  (this is him hanging his head in shame….I’m not sure what he was feeling shameful about….but I had to snap that shot).peter growing up - 3-5
  • He’s incredibly daring and tough and coordinated.  My heart nearly leaps out of my chest watching him pull stunts on his balance bike or scooter in the back yard.   He thinks he is Charlie’s age….and is nearly at Charlie's capabilities with some things.  
  • He gives us all big hugs.  Very affectionate.  And every time I lay him down in his crib and tell him I love him he says, “I love you too, mom.”  I just love the “mom” on the end of that. 
  • He’ll always pose for a picture.peter growing up - 3
  • He does a mean dance to Michael Jacksons "Starting Something” song.  He’s moved on from wanting to wear gloves while dancing to wanting to wear a sweat band.  It’s pretty sweet. peter growing up - 3-9
  • He loves his siblings, adores them.  And his love is powerful, I watch it give the big kids confidence and security. 
  • He’s got the greatest physique.  I love that big belly and those spindly legs.  And those golden curls, and those puppy eyes, and that shining skin.  peter growing up - 3-14    
  • He’s like a little package of energy, a fireball, an energizer bunny.  He hops around with a spring in his step, raising his eyebrows in delight, telling people, “Oh, that’ll be COOL!”       peter growing up - 3-13    I believe he has a strong sense of who he is, and a budding little testimony of God and the power of love and goodness.  He goes around singing, “when your heart is filled with love, others will love you.”  He kind of lives this mantra.  He’s just full of goodness and love, spilling it out, soaking it up. 

peter growing up - 3-23

We are all happy you’re ours Peter.  Three’s going to be a good year, embrace it!

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  1. How sweet! I remember reading your birth story with him and I can't believe that was 3 years ago! Where did the time go?



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