Sunday, June 01, 2014

Bar Harbor - 2014

IMG_1817we did go to Bar Harbor in 2014.  I just never got around to posting it.  I’ve got to have it here as part of our family record.  This is a tradition that just keeps getting better, more beautiful, more a part of us.  IMG_1786IMG_1784I can’t believe that I don’t have a picture of how we biked in 2014.  But it was highly evolved from 2011 when we had all four kids behind us.  Em was on her own bike with a little gator bar attaching her to Jeff’s for part of the time, but partly on her own.  Peter biked over half of our miles on this little balance bike.  When he got tired we just bungee corded it onto the back of his child seat behind me on my bike.  He was so tough and so adorable being a “big boy” as we rode through that wonderland.  IMG_1787IMG_1795We usually stop first at Sand Beach. That place is like balm to my soul.  (and I love our photo bomber, Conner).IMG_1797IMG_1798IMG_1792IMG_1819Our Motel room was at the very very top of the hill.  Great practice for Em and her bike.  IMG_1851Eli and Julie met up with us at Jordan Pond house on Saturday for a picnic and to join the rest of the fun.  It was so great to have them there, to show them this place that has lodged it’s way into our hearts.  I think they’re converted.  IMG_1852Sunday Church of the Rocks and a hike over on that side of the Island.  IMG_1854IMG_1856IMG_1857IMG_1858Peter also feels alive, just like Hazel.   I love this kid. IMG_1859IMG_1866He was such a trooper hiking up this mountain. IMG_1867IMG_1868IMG_1872IMG_1873Breath taking views at every turn. IMG_1877IMG_1886I think this is where Hazel discovered her love for selfies. IMG_1916Me and Em and Julie and Eli and Zara were the only ones who braved the bitter wind to watch the sunset on Cadillac mountain.  IMG_1998We had a great brunch at Two Cats on Monday.  IMG_1927And hiked through Sand Beach and up onto the head with E and J and the Stallings.  IMG_1942IMG_1949IMG_1962IMG_1970IMG_1973IMG_1979IMG_1991IMG_1992Love this shot of Charlie, looking over the beautiful world. IMG_1993

IMG_1982Somehow I got my whole family to pose for a picture!  Miracle.

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