Tuesday, June 03, 2014

doing good.

 Guys.  (Anyone who is still there.)  I know I promised I'd write more.  And I do have so much to say, but honestly, I don't know how people keep up with this.  I know I don't have more on my plate than, let's say, my amazing sisters Shawni or Saren, and they blog.  How do they do it?  I can't figure it out.  Maybe more time with all kids in school would be helpful.

So, while I get my act together and write something meaningful here, or even just document some family history, I'll petition anyone whose reading to help my rock star friend, Liz, raise some money for a family in need.

I always thought I'd be a mom like Liz.  Before getting married I worked for an initiative called Family Matters whose mission was to facilitate and encourage families to volunteer together.  I vowed I'd do tons of community service with my kids, always be doing things for others.  You know the vision: me with toddlers in tow bringing flowers to the elderly, getting my kids to rake neighbors lawns, slopping out soup at the homeless shelter.  But boy, life really has gotten in the way of that little vision.  We've done little things here and there, but I want to make this a real part of my family life like Liz has.  I'm just happy that she gets me involved a little.  One day I'll have to write a whole post on all the amazing ways she's managed to get her kids to think about others, both in her own community and around the world.  I really think that's one of the keys to self esteem.  I want to raise kids who can see beyond themselves.  

Anyway, you can read about her project by following this link:

Just donating even $10 would make a difference.  And really it only takes about 30 seconds (I love the site she's using to collect donations!)

My kids are doing a last-day-of-school lemonade and cookie stand to get some money to donate.  We'll see how that goes. 

And while we're on that topic, does anyone have any great fundraising ideas?  I've just been asked to be on the board of this really cool new start up non profit whose mission is to help inspire women to hold small fundraisers and donate the money to organizations that help women around the world.  I'm working on gathering some fun/easy/simple/exciting fundraising ideas to help get people started.  If there is something you've done by yourself, or with your kids or family or friends to successfully raise some dough, let me know about it.  I'd love your input. 

And last, here's a great little article I found when I tried to find out what's going on now with Family Matters.  I love the idea of helping our kids get outside themselves.  It makes me tear up to see how natural it is for children to feel compassion, and how good it feels to them, how they light up.


  1. This reader for the UK would love you to write more :)

  2. I put on a soccer camp when I was in highschool for younger kids. I ended up having a little over 100 kids and they paid $10 and it was 3 days long for like 2 hours a day. I also think a good idea is to hold a kids relay triathlon, or kids mini "ragnar".

  3. Girls in my ward (years ago) would do a Mother's Day Out kind of thing a couple of times a month. You'd get 3-4 hours of childcare with fabulous activities for a really nominal amount.
    Same ward: girls would come and wrap your Christmas gifts; also had one Saturday during Christmas season where they watched children all day so parents could shop.
    I love your blog and check it everyday! I haven't written on mine in 4 years, so I think you're doing great.

  4. The first option I mentioned above was in the summer.

  5. ummmm, am i your not-amazing-sister? am i exempt because i have 38 kids instead of 5?

  6. I think when you think of it as a love letter to your children or something you just do like brushing your teeth than you find the time, but even if you found only time on Sunday once a week in years to come you will be so happy you did.

  7. I think you have done your fair share of service with your kids! Loved this post on Adriana's blog! Glad to learn the the Points of Light is still going strong and glad be reminded about your involvement with Family Matters.

    Good luck with this new project. Doing good is so important! I have to concur that Liz is Amazing! I'm donating now!

  8. So what does your friend Kim do? Does she have a blog or work with an organization. It is a fine line when your kids are so small and so needy of where to spend your time. I know I have struggled with this. There is so much service to do and parts of yourself to give, but your kids and family need you the most. That said, there are always little things you can do to teach your kids service. Some of the greatest are among their siblings and in their home. It is somewhat impossible and hectic to take little ones OUT to serve all the time. I love this quote by Elder Busche: "You want to be good and to do good. That is commendable. But the greatest achievement that can be reached in our lives is to be under the complete influence of the Holy Ghost. Then he will teach us what is really good and necessary to do." I really do believe that when you work under the influence of the Holy Ghost as far as service is concerned I find that it is usually very easy, feels very right and pretty effortless.



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