Friday, September 19, 2014

Books and Apples 2014

 IMG_7695And the Brooksby Farms Apple picking tradition continues.  We went today, and it was a glorious 59 degrees with bright fall sun soaking through the crisp air.   It felt heavenly. Everything about it.  We’ve been doing this for years and the pictures always look like everything was seamless….but, toting around those 20 pound bags of apples and corralling crazy free kids while trying to take pictures isn’t always a walk in the park, especially those years I did it while wearing a baby.  Some of those years I just had to survive it, lots of joy, but not lots of fun.  Lots of living in anticipation of the memories….of looking back on the pictures.  But this year was different.  My kids acted mostly put together, Hazel was big enough to be Peter’s little care taker, Charlie and Em ran free without needing me.  I felt freer than I have in a long time.  And I felt the present glory of the moment.  And that felt good.  Finally. IMG_7521 I’ve gone for years with a smattering of these kids and these moms ^^^.   My running friends.  Oh, I’ve ran through a lot with these girls: babies, pregnancies, crises, joys, troubles, challenges.  I love them.  And I loved being there with them today, watching all these little lives run through the orchards.  It made me realize how much we really have run through. IMG_7514IMG_7531  IMG_7614 For the past few years I’ve tried to bring books into the orchard.  A favorite book of the year.  I started here.  Check out Charlie’s hair!  Wow.  That was really long.  I wanted to somehow mark the new school year and books and apples seem to commemorate what’s happening in September pretty well.  I love remembering what they were into year to year.  IMG_7629 IMG_7636 IMG_7638 IMG_7645 IMG_7647 IMG_7698Charlie forgot his book in his backpack in the car… he just has this adorable bookless portrait.  IMG_7534 And of course, I couldn’t help myself but capture some of these golden faces.  Apples are just so picturesque!IMG_7546 I love these two girls who were thrilled to be together all day long today (they’re in the same kindergarten class).IMG_7558 IMG_7568 And these two friends?  Whenever I get a camera out to capture them they say “mug shot” and proceed to pose in these four poses….naturally, without any instruction.  Love these boys. IMG_7570 IMG_7571 IMG_7572 IMG_7573 IMG_7565 Charlie says they have a “bromance”.  IMG_7575And this is also a traditional shot ^^^ I’ve taken this same shot of these same boys every year at different places.  Same order, same pose.  I love it when boys get excited about pictures!  IMG_7660 



Life is good.  It’s not always pretty.  But it was today.


  1. LOVE YOU SAYDS! So fun to talk for a little bit today!

  2. OHMYHECK I love everything about Books and Apples 2014. Miss you guys. :) - Leilani, Robert, and True

  3. Ah! Milly Molly Mandy! How did Emmeline like it? Loved all of this joy Saydi.

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