Monday, September 01, 2014

Shumway Reunion Part 2: monterey dunes

IMG_1637After the 4th of July parade we made our way down to Monterey Dunes.  We’ve been coming here for reunions for quite a few years now, starting when Hazel was in my belly.  It’s so great to go back to a familiar place, packed already with memories, ready for more. IMG_1419 IMG_1427 I remember Charlie years ago, peter’s age, on this same board walk.  Man, he’s grown.  And boy do I miss that long shaggy hair sometimes.


IMG_1532And here’s Peter on the same walk, same age. IMG_1431There’s so much beauty to behold,  IMG_1441 places to sit and relax:IMG_1439a cold ocean to be crazy and jump in (it was only 60 degrees out….these kids are nutty brave):IMG_1446  IMG_1488 IMG_1498 I took a swim too….just have to document that little fact….I always wanted to be a mom who would get her hair wet.  And I am (about 5% of the time).IMG_1457Luckily there was a hot tub to run to when you’d turned blue. IMG_1517 IMG_1519 IMG_1520Charlie tried his first artichoke.  I think he’s hooked. 

IMG_2442 We took a little trip down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Oh, I love that place.  Especially the jellies and the open sea exhibit.  Look that that sun fish, twice the size of Peter (who was a little terrified).  IMG_2459 Oh, the beauty under that big ocean.  IMG_2478 IMG_2484 IMG_2493 I think my favorite part of our stay there was listening to these guys play the guitar and sing Shumway songs.  There’s such a long tradition in the Shumway family of music and singing and I was happy to expose my kids to more of it.   The music was accompanied by some great Shumway stories told my grandma and grandpa.  I’m pretty sure it’s something none of us will forget.  IMG_1545 IMG_1553 IMG_1558 IMG_1561 IMG_1576 IMG_1618  The sun came out the last night there, just in time for us to see a golden sunset.  Love that glistening light.  IMG_1644 IMG_1665 IMG_1751IMG_1759 ^^These lovely ladies are all the Shumway #1’s.   IMG_2246And these strapping young fellows are the #2’s (note that they couldn’t get themselves together to take a picture at the beach like the rest of the groups….they’ve got things to do, places to be those #2’s)IMG_1757^^ and here are the #3’s IMG_1773 and finally the #4’s ^^

A lot has happened over the years!  We’ve evolved from this:

To this:

IMG_1785 IMG_1807

We already can’t wait for next time!  Thanks G and G Shumway!


  1. Thanks for the great family history write-up and all the wonderful pictures. It was a great reunion.

  2. Saydria--I would love your advice on something. We're an LDS family considering a home exchange for an extended period in England and I'd love your thoughts on schools, church, etc.

  3. Beautiful pictures and memories, Saydi! It has been fun to catch up on things we did together and what you've been doing since!

  4. i've gotta go there. what's the house?

  5. Oh my gosh Sayds, now i need to go there AND Piedmont. LOVE all the gorgeous pictures!

  6. 147
    What a place. What a darling family! So fun to see!



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